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Association of Drug and Health Device Suppliers…
we have been shaping health care for more than 20 years

The Association of Drug and Health Device Suppliers (hereinafter referred to as „ADL“) is an association of legal entities established in 1992. It's a registered trademark, which is:

A – acceptable
D – decent
L – legitimate

and it brings together the entire drug chain from manufacturers of drugs, dietary foods and health devices, through the distribution of drugs, to pharmacies.

ADL is:

  • an entity with a broad professional focus oriented on health care and drug policy.
  • a coordinator and initiator of legislative changes in the area of health care
  • a relevant partner for the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic in the area of drug policy legislation

Objectives of ADL:

  • creating a stable, open and qualitative dialogue with partners and the MH SR
  • ensuring an efficient, transparent and legitimate business environment in the area of health care
  • promoting modern, innovative and high quality treatment for Slovak patients
  • educating and creating a maximal information platform on the drug policy of SR available for every citizen of SR

Activities and contributions of ADL:

  • organizing important activities and events for its members, professionals and the patient community in the area of drug policy (workshops with MH SR, seminars, education, meetings…)
  • initiating and active participation in amendments to the legislative process in the area of drug policy
  • supporting patients and regular educating of patient organizations
  • creating a positive media image through media and PR activities
  • engaging members in the activities of ADL work groups
  • active involvement and participation in organization ZCHFP – Association of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry of the Slovak Republic, which is a member of the Tripartite and a mandatory commenting entity in regard to legislation.
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